Ladder ball is known as, "Flingy Pong" because you fling two pongs, or balls also known as bolas, at a ladder. Ladder ball rules are not complex. This is a game that both adults and children would enjoy. It is a game of skill and agility and tossing power.

The game originated in the southwest where Matt Peterson discovered it being played as a camping game. People think that the bola was actually a substitute for a snake that would be thrown into trees to knock things out.

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You can call it a shuttle, a bird or a shuttlecock. But whatever you call it, the badminton shuttlecock is one of the most important – if least considered – elements of badminton.

You may have played badminton with a shuttlecock made from plastic, a synthetic material such as nylon or one made of cork and feathers. The important thing is that it should have the feel on your racket and the flight characteristics similar to those produced by a natural feathered shuttlecock that has a cork base covered with a thin layer of leathers. To read more about how to choose the best badminton set for you, click here. ...continue reading

You’ve decided it would be fun to play some backyard badminton. Badminton is great game because badminton equipment isn’t very expensive, it’s easy to set up a court, everybody in the family can join in and you don’t have to be a super athlete to enjoy it. For that matter, badminton can be as competitive as you choose – from a simple game of serve and volley with your eight year-old, all the way up to a Katy bar the door and watch out for those bloodthirsty smashes. See one more simple outdoor games that can be enjoyed with your family here
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What’s the most overlooked part of the badminton game? Probably the badminton net.

Serious players might spend hours arguing over the merits of one racket over another. And even intermediate-level players know how important it is to have a Grade-A shuttlecock that’s in perfect shape. But nobody ever thinks much about the badminton net. It just stands there, dividing the two sides of the court. You have to hit over it. You know that if you hit into the net, it will most likely cost you a point. But have you ever thought about the size and construction of the net?

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